The seventh year of the popular junior kite camp will take place this year on the Neretva river delta in Croatia, on July 20-28.

The past years of the Junior camp were very successful and we were excited to work with our young kitties. Of course, the main focus will again be kiting lessons under the guidance of our proven instructors. Apart from this program, many very interesting additional activities will be prepared – paddleboarding, diving, wingsurfing, beach volleyball.

For whom the junior camp is intended:  For children from 9 to 14 years old.

The participation of elders/teenagers can be solved individually in the form of trainees.  Complete beginners will first learn the basics of kit control with practice chamber kits, and after they have mastered them, they will join the more experienced ones.

Date: Saturday 20.7. – Sunday 27/7/2024


Our junior kite camp is intended for children/youth without parents. The start and finish will be on Saturday evening. For children, we provide transport from Prague and back. Because this kiting spot is not only an excellent place for kiting, but also for a family holiday (warm sea, nature, sights, trips), in case you would like to extend your stay with children we will arrange transport and accommodation in the camp individually.

We’ll be taking photos and videos regularly and posting a selection on our facebook page so you’ll have an overview of what’s going on. Children will have the opportunity to make reports on what they did and what progress they made.

Accommodation: We provide accommodation in tents in the campsite right next to the kite spot.


Kiteboarding lessons will be the basis. We assume that some of our young kiters will already have the basics covered and we will go straight to the water with them. The others first complete an introduction to the operation of the practice chamber kits on the beach, before joining the others on the water. We will take children on the water in groups secured by instructors.

In addition to this main activity, we are preparing a very varied and interesting program for children:

paddleboards – a proven activity that will not disappoint children, riding on the water behind a towing motor boat – wakeboarding, a motor boat will also be available for trips around the bay, open water swimming, rafting, snorkeling, slackline, indoboard – balance training

Price: CZK 17,500

The price includes:

transport on site

sleeping in a camp – tents

meals 3 times a day + snacks, drinking regime

kit equipment – wetsuits, helmets, vests, kites, trapezes, kiteboards. All especially in a junior version

instructors for kit training and other activities

documentation from the course of the camp – photo, video


Transport: The price for transport from Prague to the Rio campsite and back will be specified.

If you choose your own transport, it is possible to hand over the children to us at Camp Rio on Saturday 20.7. evening. It is necessary to arrange return transport.

What to take with you:

In addition to normal summer holiday equipment, each child will need: passport, sleeping bag and mat,  snorkel, mask, waterproof and windproof clothing, we do not recommend electronics, mobile phones only to a limited extent, repellent

Applications:    To register, contact Peter at tel: +420 603152523

Before departure and the start of the kitecamp, we will fill in detailed information about transport and a health questionnair